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LATE SHRI GHANSHYAM DAS BANSAL was a man with the vision. After establishing his network in the loose Tea Trade in the states of U.P, M.P, W.B., etc. he laid the stepping stones for the packet tea business ; embarked upon the quest to serve quality tea at an economic price to one and all.


MR. NARESH KUMAR BANSAL started branded version in Bansal Tea Products (P) Ltd, in 2000 with the aim and vision to serve and satisfy the customers quality tea in name "Murlli" Tea, which today boasts to serving more than 20 Million satisfied customers, has a name in maintaining the quality of the tea as well as providing quality service.

MR. PAWAN KUMAR BANSAL serves the art of selecting the best tea from the numerous gardens of Assam, Darjeeling. It is his ability and his commitment to provide to the customers the best tea, enriching good taste, flavour, colour, thereby imbibing freshness and  energy.

MR. SATISH KUMAR BANSAL matches his ability to design the product to the consumer. It is his constant effort to provide the quality service to the market by using innovative ways to make the Murlli brand  known to consumers, boosting  the network to perform better. He aims at making Murlli Tea  Available, Acceptable, Affordable to one and all . 

MR. PURUSHOTTAM KR BANSAL takes care of the Sales, Marketing & Distribution part of the business. It is his endevour to make the Murlli Tea packs available at all possible locations of the country by managing a roboust distributor channel.  

MR. ABHISHEK BANSAL the young and innovative member of the family thrives to take care of the Production & Packaging area. He aims to make the Murlli Tea packs available in best of the packaging and intime delivery to the distributor locations.  

The group believes that quality is the inner strength of its product, moreover with attractive packaging and effective distribution network it has its growth drivers set. The Company sees the market trend towards low-end packs than high end packs. Murlli Tea is available  from Re1 to 5Kg pack. Future growth factors are likely to be rural / upcountry markets and newer products.

Apart from tea packaging Bansal Tea Products Pvt Ltd and its management has been actively involved in several social works. Mr Satish Kumar Bansal amongst Directors of the company is also leading Kanpur Tea Traders Association as its President.

Right now Bansal Tea Products Pvt. Ltd is leading the market with its four premier brands - Murlli SuperSipTea, Murlli Perfect Tea, Murlli Active Tea, Murlli Gold Tea, Murlli Premium Tea, TanMan Tea.